Behind the scenes

Welcome to the society of John, Brian and Billy—the League of the Four Galaxies.

This is not an earth centered story or one of the future, neither is it a story of defeat and disillusion after a devastating war, nor an impossible and boring utopian civilization.

John’s new reality is a society of humans who have reached a stage of technology that frees them from not only their families and villages, their tribes and cities and countries, their planets and solar systems, but even their galaxies. People at this level of technology can trade with those on planets and artificial planetoids in other galaxies as easily as we trade with and visit other countries on our little planet.

That does not mean that they are supermen who have private powers – although some do –  or that everyone is a saint and behaves wonderfully towards others. The difference between our level of living in a planetary civilization and the level of living in a galactic or inter-galactic civilization is not so much the technology, which must allow gravity neutral leaving of planetary gravity wells instantly and safely, and instantaneous planned ‘jumping’ between different points in the universe, but also the morality of redundancy and mutual responsibility, which in our world is present in submarine ship culture, though lacking almost everywhere else.

We are talking about a possible practical morality that guarantees survival under the sea and can also guarantee survival in the ‘sea’ of outer space.

The assumption of this book series is that most civilizations may leave their planets to travel around their solar systems through their air forces and/or commercial ventures. They leave their solar systems through the advancement of their navies into the sea of space, since the practical morality of a submarine culture is the morality necessary for a self-supporting spaceship. The macho pilots of an air force have a place within such a culture, but their home base is a navy type mother ship.

Just as submariners do not have to be saints or geniuses themselves, neither do the staff and soldiers of the mother ships have to be perfect humans. What they do have to be is responsible and well trained. They may want to strangle each other at times, they may need to get out into the wide spaces of a real planet or the ‘flats’ of a planetoid once in a while, but most of the time they are comfortable in their limited world and get along more or less with their ‘mates’ and obey (and more or less respect) their superior officers all of the time.

Therefore John, Brian and Billy are not in a completely alien world, but one that is not so different from our world. It’s just, let’s say, more developed technologically and more responsible to each other when they need to be.

Most people in the League of the Four Galaxies live in a planetary civilization and never get out into ‘space’. Maybe they live on a colony on one of their moons or on a ‘terraformed’ planet within their solar system and don’t think twice about vacationing on another planet. But their world is still provincial and culturally unique.

Less than one percent of the Galactic population live a life of inter-galactic jumps and trade and military service. They may be of families who have served in the ‘Patrol’ for endless generations or have climbed up from their Planetary Guards into the Interplanetary Defense Forces of their ‘sectors’ and then were accepted into the elite service of the Galactic Patrol, which is the core of the League civilization at this stage.

John, Brian and Billy are all ‘kidnapped’ into this civilization and so of course will not blend in so easily. If they only had to deal with the differences between their Earth backgrounds and the League during peace times they would have had time to get used to their new environment. However, their fate is to be part of the galactic civilization as it faces one of the most dangerous enemies, the Reptilians. The Reptilians are not comic book monsters, but a very ancient sentient species of advanced reptiles with very efficient cold blooded computer like brains, who are excellent pilots and scientists and artists. What makes them different and dangerous to us is that they do not have any more compassion or mutual sympathy than does an earth alligator or crocodile (who do care for their young to some extent, but not to the extent that birds and mammals care). This lack of compassion and a love of hierarchy makes them very dangerous to ‘others’ such as ourselves on a planet or in a planetary or galactic society.

The first book of this series gets John, Brian and Willy started in their adventures in ‘outer space’. It is as much about their lives, their personalities, their personal problems, their loves and triumphs as it is about the galactic civilization.

The second book in the series introduces some secondary characters as well as the Reptilians in their native society. A human society, hidden within the Reptilian’s world, has developed its own unique way of life, but still longs to return to the human based universe. In this book there is a technological breakthrough which gives humans the possibility of crossing into the Reptilian universe to eventually attack them on their home ground.

The third book is centered around the League’s war against the pirates, and Willy’s rise to prominence in the Special Forces.

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